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Foil Surf Caribbean

Foiling is the future of modern water sports. Foil Surf Caribbean (FSC) is all about surf, foiling technique, waves, and wind. At FSC you can learn how to foil within one hour. Ride towards an incredible experience and discover the exhilarating free feeling of foiling while you glide silently through the water! You can easily learn how to fly over the water even without wind, waves, or even surf skills. l! We are happy to help you to master foiling.
After testing a lot of gear FSC is proud to be dealer of the best foil surf brands in the market: Reedin, Takuma, RRD, Lacroix and Waydoo. We can offer a unique package so you allways can foilsurf, with or wirthout wind! Get the stoke!
What is foil surf?  It is a new way of surfing, giving you the sensation of flying over the waves. 
  • Wingsurf foiling is using the wind and waves
  • eFoil surf is using electricity power, without wind or waves needed
How does it work?
Wing surf: Surf with a wing, the foil is attached to a mast under a board.
Efoil surf: is riding a surfboard that has a mast attached to the board instead of a fin, it is powered by an electric propulsion system. The foils attached at the bottom of the mast makes you fly.


Do you always want to foil? Wind or no wind? With or without waves? Select your multi purpose foilset for always foilsurfing!

Compatible with your own board and foils. The e-drive allows you to electrify your  regular wind-powered foil board.In 3 minutes, you can electrify your kitefoil, wingfoil, surf foil board and SUP board. The battery-mast-motor combo can be secured under any board that has a hydrofoil track system. No mods necessary. You can use the same fuselage and foil set on the efoil by an adapter.

          Board                           Foil                            Wing                              E-Drive



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